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December 7, 2023

The Studio Works Some Marketing Magic

Vanessa Houston
Written By:
Vanessa Houston

Truly effective marketing goes way beyond simple promotions and ads – it uses a well-rounded strategy that ties together some critical elements and has lofty goals: Establish a strong brand identity, create a powerful brand story and use effective channels to reach potential clients. It’s a lot to coordinate, but with the right talent and experience on the job, everything can neatly fall into place.

And in the fast-paced world of real estate, the importance of effective marketing can’t be overstated. That’s where The Studio team comes in – helping real estate brands and brokerages (some of the biggest names in the business!) drive meaningful results in attracting and retaining clients in today's dynamic market.

Create an Unforgettable Brand Identity

A key advantage of high-quality marketing is its ability to establish a unique brand identity. Factors like a memorable name, logo, color palette and typography have to be carefully selected to work together and make up that identity. When consistently applied across all marketing materials and platforms, brands can carve their own unique niche in the industry – and stand apart from the competition.

And The Studio knows a thing or two about bringing a new brand to life. Our writers and designers partnered with Anywhere Integrated Services to help with the creation of Upward Title & Closing. From selecting a name to building out the website, the team applied its expertise to assist Anywhere in getting this exciting new joint venture off the ground.  

Similarly, effective marketing enables companies to tell a compelling brand story. It paints a vibrant picture of their mission, values and what they have to offer. A well-crafted brand story doesn’t just capture the attention of its target audience, it also establishes trust and credibility, building an emotional bridge. This connection helps form long-term relationships and fosters loyalty by encouraging consumers to choose and then stick with a particular brand.

A perfect example of an all-encompassing brand story that taps into the needs of a target audience is the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program, with its consistent, distinctive look and feel. When the Coldwell Banker® brand unveiled its new North Star logo, it sought out The Studio to overhaul its luxury branding with a fresh new logo and design style. The goal was to ensure the company always stands out – and rises above – all other luxury brands. The detailed guide The Studio compiled to establish and outline the brand’s identity standards totally hit the mark – and was honored with national GOLD awards from the Association of National Advertisers and the In-House Agency Forum.


Solidify Your Online Presence

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, a strong web and online presence has become an absolute must. Having a highly functional, user-friendly website is crucial – to nab the attention of prospects right away. This means ensuring the layout is simple and uncluttered, the pages load quickly, and the content is organized in a logical and accessible way that’s super easy to navigate.

Case in point is The Studio’s own snazzy website, which underwent a complete redesign in 2022. With an emphasis on being fresh, friendly and focused, the site walks a potential client through the multitude of services offered in a welcoming way, while highlighting the talent, creativity and wit the team brings to the table.  

Another important aspect of a strong online presence is maintaining an active blog to churn out valuable content. A blog offers a chance to showcase expertise and share insights with potential clients. For the real estate brands and brokerages we serve, that means topics like the latest market trends, navigating the home search process and home buying/selling tips. By consistently offering up this kind of valuable content, we help to establish them as thought leaders in the industry, to build up that loyal following they’re looking for. In-depth blog posts The Studio produced for one of the titans in the industry, Century 21, revealed the people behind the brand. In the process, the posts help to reinforce their reputation as a trusted provider of real estate services.


Tell Your Story on Social Media

As the real estate industry fully embraced the digital world, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn became necessary tools for effective marketing, with broad reach and amazing engagement potential. And just like real estate agents use these platforms to stay front and center with their buyers and sellers in a friendly, informative way, we leverage them so that brands can connect with their target audience on a personal level – to build brand awareness and attract potential clients.

But it’s not enough to just actively post. Developing a strategic digital marketing plan and content calendar can really make the most of these platforms. By defining clear goals, identifying target demographics and establishing a consistent brand voice, social media efforts can be aligned with a company’s overall objectives. The content calendar should outline topics, formats and a consistent posting schedule to keep up a steady flow of unique, engaging info intended to reach the right audience at the right time.

In managing the social media presence of our clients’ programs, like Military Real Estate Benefits by Anywhere, The Studio helps provide value to followers. Posts that demonstrate their services, expertise and understanding of the unique needs of their client base are specifically designed to attract, engage and retain customers.


Inspire to Inquire

Crafting high-quality, relevant content goes a long way in establishing a company as an authority in their industry. Savvy consumers expect informative content that solves their problems and addresses their needs. Tailoring it to a target audience's preferences and challenges builds trust and engagement.

The goal is content that goes beyond just basic information – it educates, entertains and inspires, to leave a lasting impression. Whether it's in the form of eye-catching videos, helpful infographics or articles and blog posts like the C21 pieces, well-researched content can go a long way in honing that competitive edge. When we wrap it all up in a multi-dimensional approach, that allows real estate brands and brokerages to really shine by communicating with different types of audiences.

While blog posts are the ideal platform for in-depth discussions that offer a bunch of solid information, advice and insights on different topics, video is another powerful way to engage with potential clients. They can experience gorgeous properties firsthand, hear actual testimonials, and get a glimpse of the expertise and personality of a brand. And The Studio is a master at video, working closely with client Coldwell Banker on projects that include everything from highlighting respected agents who successfully use the brand’s tech suite of products, to showcasing exceptional properties under the banner of its Global Luxury marketing program.

Attention-grabbing infographics, like the market share charts The Studio has produced for Coldwell Banker Realty in the form of videos, HTMLs, social media assets and direct mail campaigns – offer another visually engaging way to present data in a simple-to-understand format. They make a strong “we’re #1!” statement that’s accessible and easily shareable.


Build Trust in Their Inbox

Last but certainly not least, sending out regular communications, newsletters and updates by email is still an enormously effective way to keep in touch. Valuable and relevant content, like service offerings and market updates, keeps the brand top of mind and establishes it as a reliable resource. HTML newsletters that link to curated content on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog, for instance – which The Studio copywriters contribute to – can be blasted out by agents looking to check in with their sphere. Consistent communication like this allows the sender to nurture important relationships, build trust and ultimately drive conversions. The secret is to resonate with the target audience's interests and needs, so messages won’t be dismissed as spam.

This concept is the foundation of Coldwell Banker Realty’s Clients For Life program. The Studio designs a series of beautiful, eye-catching client appreciation emails each month that are branded with an agent’s photo, name and contact info. The messages are automatically sent to their contact list as invitations to participate in seasonal community events, giveaways and charity drives. Effectiveness can be measured through analytics that track open rates and give insights on who’s engaging with the call to action – so subject lines and content can be tweaked accordingly.

Locking an email marketing strategy into place can really boost recruiting and retention efforts as well. We develop compelling messaging to help brands attract and keep high-quality talent in a competitive job market. By giving examples of the company culture, success stories and opportunities for career growth, email campaigns, like those The Studio produces on a regular basis for Coldwell Banker and Coldwell Banker Realty, communicate the brand's unique value proposition to potential hires. For existing agents, personalized emails that celebrate their wins, provide education resources and create a sense of belonging increase their satisfaction with the company, so they’ll remain true to the brand.


Let The Studio Bring It All Together

From bottom to top – whether establishing the very basics of a new brand or product, or shouting from the rooftops about the amazing offerings of an already well-established name in the industry – there’s no doubt that we’ve got it covered. The Studio team is at the ready and up to the task.

And since the world of digital marketing is transforming itself at breakneck speed these days, it’s important to stay flexible with your strategy, so plans can change as needed. It helps to have the right creatives on the case, who stay on top of trends and tech, to be able to not just keep up, but think ahead.

There’s no denying it’s a challenge to elevate visibility, establish credibility and build a loyal client base, but for the real estate brands and brokerages that call themselves clients of The Studio, partnering with our team sets them on the path to success.

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