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Jan Loomis
Vice President
As vice president of creative marketing, she oversees graphic design, copywriting, advertising, video production and project management, helping address the challenges and providing the encouragement that result in killer work.
Jennifer Hargaden
Director, Media and Billing
In addition to being a super-mom, Jennifer is a super ad manager, fearlessly handling the advertising spends for Coldwell Banker Realty.
Jennifer McGuire
Director, Creative Content
As director of creative content, Jennifer leads the way in video production, copywriting and social media for The Studio.
Jenny Panitch
Director, Creative Operations
Though her bubbly personality might not make it immediately clear, our Jenny is an old soul. Like, “celebrity crush on Dick Van Dyke” old. Maybe that’s why she has the drive, dedication and incredible attention to detail that enable her to pull off seemingly impossible feats like flawlessly implementing Workfront, our project management system, nationwide. Today, she heads up The Studio’s project management and traffic team, putting her military high school education and MBA to good use as she keeps everything moving through on time, on budget and on plan. Her love of bad jokes keeps her laughing even when we have 563 jobs in the system at once, but if you REALLY want to see her smile, ask her about her dog, Pippa.
William Sloan
Creative Director
Our national creative director needs no introduction. His art work has been on display at museums and galleries around the world. He’s published four books. And he oversees the creative direction at The Studio. His name? Sloan. William Sloan. For someone who loves the creative world just as much as he loves people, Bill’s role in The Studio is a natural fit. You can catch him while he’s eagerly keeping agents ahead of the competition with eye-catching campaigns, or after-hours, read the musings on his namesake blog for a peek at his current creative inspiration.
Katie Thornton
Director, Design Concierge and Global Materials
With more than 15 years in marketing experience, all with Realogy, Katie has learned all the challenges agents face in promoting themselves and their listings and has strategized ways to help them succeed. “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!” said Katie. She oversees the company’s ad campaigns as well as Listing Concierge advertising, and is admittedly super, super competitive.
Jessica Decina
Copywriting Manager, Design Concierge
If you’re looking for a Design Concierge hero with a keyboard mightier than a sword, we’d point you in Jessica’s direction! Nothing gets past her sharp attention to detail as she leads the Design Concierge copywriting team, who produce marketing materials that make agents feel like superstars. And crafting excellent pieces can be easy when you’re so full of personality yourself – Jessica is a self-proclaimed goofball and lover of pointless trivia. So, tune in for her pop culture theories, baking tips and a story about the time she interviewed Keira Knightley. When it comes to Jessica, there’s a lot to love!
Alin Ebrahimi
Media Manager
Everyone who enjoys reading VIEW magazine has Alin to thank. She works diligently to create visually stunning graphic designs and layouts for the 70-page magazine. Alin is fluent in three languages – English, Armenian and Persian – and serves as a board member of the PTA at the Glendale Unified School District, bringing parents and schools closer together. Entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash once said, “What you believe, remember, you can achieve,” and Alin stands as a perfect example of this: she recently earned her MBA and there’s no telling what she’ll achieve next!
Matt Elliott
Manager, Project Management
If there was such a thing as a human Swiss army knife, that would be Matt. A self-described jack-of-all-trades, he masterfully tackles many jobs for agents as a marketing specialist. He believes being flexible and able to jump in at any given moment is the key to his success. He is an agent’s most agile ally and assists with marketing, training and everything in between. Matt is a champion for the company’s charitable foundation and is the liaison for the Coldwell Banker diversity program in Atlanta. Originally from England, Matt now resides in Atlanta with his wife and daughter. We’re so glad to have him on this side of the pond!
Mike Gaudreau
Account Manager, Design Concierge
Well-rounded is the best way to describe Mike. An effective Design Concierge account manager, he empowers agents to build strong businesses by supplying them with thoughtful marketing strategy and branding guidance. He’s funny, fun and likes to spread the joy. A theater major in the past, a graphic designer still and an awesome intramural softball player for 18 years, he proved his winning abilities by taking his league’s world series tournament twice. No matter what Mike sets his mind to, he hits it out of the park every time!
Vanessa Houston
Copywriting Manager
Bringing skills and experience from her career path through the publishing, marketing and nonprofit realms, Vanessa joined The Studio as a copywriter in December 2017. (FYI: That’s different from “copyrighter” – a few of her neighbors were under the impression that she’s involved in intellectual property law.) The truth is, no matter what job she tackles, she approaches it with passion, dedication and creativity. As charming as her native “Charm City” and as sunny as her new home state of Florida, Vanessa adds a little bit of sparkle to everything she does.
Melissa Huntsman
Creative Services Manager, Design Concierge
Her duties include helping The Creative (remove) Studio to design marketing plans and strategies that boost agent earning potential.
Dana Jennings
Video Production Manager
Give Dana a task, whether it’s editing a new video or training for a marathon, and he’ll get it done with skill, efficiency and creativity. This dedicated team player started with the company as an intern over 13 years ago and has worked his way up to video production manager in our Waltham, Massachusetts location. When he’s not producing amazing company videos, you can find Dana kickin’ it on the soccer field or searching for a good cup of coffee.
Moraima Randazzo
Manager, Production Design and Development
As production design and development manager, Moraima leads a team of graphic designers to provide eye catching designs to help The Studio’s clients stand out from the crowd. What also makes her good at her job is the passion she has for collaborating and problem solving with a variety of staff from all parts of the company.
Julie Roller
Media Manager
Will work for chocolate! Julie is easygoing, dedicated, hard-working and genuinely cares about the work she does supporting the client’s marketing needs and affiliated agents. While we hear she is out looking for a new hobby, we do know that Julie holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Ohio State University – can we get an O-H, I-O!? – and has held her Florida real estate license since 2004.
Sam Rosenfeld
Creative Operations Manager
Attention to detail is what Sam is all about. She serves as the all-important liaison between the agents and the communications team. Sam is an indispensable resource for clients and team members alike. At her core, Sam is a problem solver, finding solutions to keep everything running smoothly is her forte. And don’t underestimate Sam’s adventurous side. She backpacked across Europe for six months by herself! Perhaps we could coax some European vacation stories out of Sam with her favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy – we’re all ears, Sam.
Cara Klein
Global Luxury and Media Concierge Manager
When offices and agents have questions about their luxury marketing program, they call Cara. She makes sure everything runs smoothly, supports the overall program and publishes five Homes & Estates magazines annually.
Katrinka Sloan
Manager, Creative Services
“Go, fight, win” is the perfect catchphrase for Kat. She’s always on the go, managing a busy team of graphic designers and overseeing the design and production of Coldwell Banker Realty’s Core 4 marketing materials.
Crystal Phillips
Project Management
Crystal lives and breathes organization. Which is a good thing since she’s responsible for trafficking projects throughout The Creative Studio. She takes the time to listen to what agents want and designers need to create marketing pieces that truly make an impact – and sales. And she’s quick and decisive; she married her husband a year to the day of their first date. The Michigan native lived in New York for 17 years before moving to Chicago. So, the question is: Chicago deep dish or New York-style pizza? Answer: New York every time.
Frank Marte
Creative Services Manager, Design Concierge
Prior to joining the company, he was design manager for the world’s largest futures exchange, CME Group.
Katrina Barnes
Billing Manager
With her analytical mind and talent for resolving inefficiencies, Katrina is one of the wizards behind the curtain who keeps The Studio running smoothly. An integral part of the Coldwell Banker family since 2004, she started as an administrative assistant and moved to accounting before establishing herself as The Studio’s billing manager. She’s an avid kayaker with a passion for supporting youth development, serving as Committee Chairman for her sons’ boy scout troop and Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts’ Southwest Florida Council. On and off hours, she’s her favorite quote made manifest, “go the extra mile. It’s never crowded”.

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