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September 8, 2023

Put Your Best Bio Forward

Carolyn Staven
Written By:
Carolyn Staven

Your agent bio is often the first information clients find about you. While most buyers and sellers ask for a referral from family or friends, they’ll still want to know more. A simple internet search will take them straight to your brokerage or personal website, or your bio on or Zillow, to check you out.  So, have a bio that wins them over!

The Studio writes agent bios every day as part of our Design Concierge program. But if you’re taking a stab at writing it yourself, here are some tips.

A bio is your opportunity to tell your story and let clients know who you are as a professional, a person and as a partner in one of life’s biggest financial transactions. Aim for around 300-400 words. Say too much and it becomes a long essay or list of facts. Say too little and you miss the opportunity to communicate your personal brand. The goal is to inspire trust, confidence and reasons a client should want to work with you. The industry sites also won’t accept longer bios.

While there’s no hard and fast rule about structuring an agent bio, a logical order to your information makes it an easier read. It’s a good idea to start with establishing your professional credentials and then follow with other information about who you are.

Professional experience

Describe your years of experience in real estate, awards and accomplishments, designations and areas of special focus. What are you most proud of? Only include the most important and relatively recent information (within 10 years). Do you specialize in any geographic area or property types? Do you live in the community?

Your approach to real estate sales

State your approach to real estate sales and client service so buyers and sellers know you’ll put their needs and interests first. Share how you work with them from day one until they’ve found their perfect home.  Do clients work directly with you, or are you part of a team?


Here’s a good place to include any schools you may have attended, degrees you have and any previous careers. Tell the story of your path to real estate sales. What do you love about it? What motivates you and gives you satisfaction every day? What do past clients say most often about working with you? Include it or some quotes from testimonials.

Get personal

Because home buying and selling doesn’t happen overnight, clients will be spending a lot of time with you – over weeks and potentially months in some cases. Help them connect with who you are. Include some personal information and interests. Clients may notice you attended the same school, belong to similar community organizations, have kids, share hobbies and have a love for sports, the outdoors, or pets.


First impressions are important, so proofread your bio. Have someone else proofread it as well. Look for typos and grammatical errors, as misspellings and poor writing can be seen as a lack of attention to detail.

Finally, be honest, friendly and sincere. People want to work with people they trust and like. Be both. Win clients with a bio that shows you as a top professional and a person they’ll enjoy working with!

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