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December 7, 2023

Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents: Design Concierge Delivers

Kim Quevedo
Written By:
Kim Quevedo

Consistent. Personal. Powerful. You’ve heard it before – the pillars that mark effective branding. The most iconic company brands deliver a unique authority and credibility in one swift recognizable look. But what about a real estate agent looking to create or elevate their own brand – how do these characteristics come to life within a larger brand?

That’s where The Studio’s Design Concierge team comes into play. Experienced in creating coherent individualized branding, Design Concierge delivers on the high demand for personal marketing promotion. Best of all – Design Concierge is proficient in helping a wide array of agents or teams, from the new professional to the career individual to the top-performing masters of the trade.

I recently had a chance to chat with The Studio’s Katie Thornton, Director of Design Concierge, to discuss the wide range of products and services it offers for personal branding and how it stays on top of individual marketing trends and demand.

So first, why was Design Concierge formed?

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, and The Studio wants agents to succeed. We thought it was important to give agents access to a team of experts to design personal logos and help them stand out in the crowded real estate space.

How has that evolved since 2019, when it launched?

The pilot launch included a logo and business card. With feedback from the agents, we quickly knew we needed to expand our product line-up. The demand was there. Design Concierge now has seven semi-custom products, 15 custom products and three packages with varying investment levels – essentials, brand boost and disruptor. We create everything from personal brochures, listing presentations, agent biographies and digital or print advertising to business cards, logos and social media headers.

What are the most popular assets Design Concierge produces?

The essentials package. It is a great place to start with an equally great price tag. It begins with a custom logo creative process – which is fun for agents – and then we apply the new branded logo to two business essential products, an email signature and social media and email headers. An agent can be ready to market their new look in as little as 10 days.

How does Design Concierge make each project unique for each agent, and yet still on-brand with the company?

We consider an agent’s specific design preferences and any existing marketing examples or creative samples they are inspired by or use. From there, we develop a series of logo concepts. Then, we apply brand guidelines and any local or state laws and have our professional copywriters proof for accuracy, errors and compliance. We know the value of producing quality work that is in line with well-known company branding – it adds authority and credibility to an agent and their business.

How does your team stay on top of trends and translate that over to products for agents?

I am fortunate to work with innovative overachievers who are highly engaged in what's new in personal branding. We discuss the latest trends, technologies and integration possibilities weekly, always keeping the agent experience and cost a top priority.  Coming soon, we are launching a Design Concierge Version 2, which will include a simplified ordering process, progress or status bar (so agents can track their projects at any time) and the ability to quickly enhance existing products and ad new ones.

Speaking of products, do you have any new personal promotion products launching for agent use?

We have several new products we are launching soon, and video is a huge component. As an inseparable part of our personal lives, video can also be used as a business tool that increases awareness, traffic and leads. We are launching a video product where agents can customize the beginning and end of the videos with their headshot, contact information and personal logo and select from several video clips like RealVitalize, Brand Legacy, Listing Concierge and more.

Is there anything else you would like to add about Design Concierge?

I love hearing the success stories from our agents. It is what motivates and drives us and helps us develop new products that truly reflect what they need – it is a partnership.

For more information or to get started with Design Concierge, visit

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