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Brand Development
Oct 19, 2023

When Anywhere Integrated Services planned to establish a new joint venture title company, they turned to The Studio to create a brand that would stand out. Their vision for the new company was to deliver title and settlement services with efficiency, clarity and simplicity for brokers, agents and consumers – so we crafted a distinct brand identity that was spot-on.


From naming options and logo development to developing marketing assets and a beautiful website, The Studio collaborated with our client to create a new brand that radiated ease of use and positivity. Then we delivered everything the client needed to launch this new brand nationwide.

Upward Brand Development

Upward Brand Development


The Studio's copywriting team tossed around more than a hundred unique potential names before the client selected "UpwardTitle & Closing," which perfectly embodies optimism and ease. We then developed a sleek and versatile logo, along with a positioning statement clearly defining the client’s commitment to an uncomplicated approach.

The next step was to create the full identity standards guidelines, from which flowed several necessary branding assets including an office design playbook, broker brochures, promotional materials for brokers and agents, a swanky multi-page website and some eye-catching infographics.


This winning collaboration between The Studio and Anywhere Integrated Services resulted in the successful launch of Upward Title & Closing. While our talented team is used to designing marketing campaigns for established brands, helping create a whole new brand from the ground up provided a unique opportunity to flex our strategic and creative muscles.

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