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Move Meter


Apr 19, 2024

When the Coldwell Banker® brand needed an exciting weekly email drip campaign, they knew exactly where to turn. The Studio created a splashy 16-email series to coincide with the client’s ads running during professional football’s Thursday night games on Prime Video. These pre-game emails helped agents connect with consumers, and they brought the heat with Move Meter Match Up videos and engaging copy that pitted the host cities head-to-head, all to uncover the ultimate move-worthy destination.


From the beginning, the goal was to turn every football game into a full-blown event and shed some well-deserved limelight on the remarkable Move Meter tool. Our team of designers and wordsmiths crafted emails that agents could send out each week, amping up the excitement for the game while showcasing the power of Move Meter.

Move Meter Emails

Move Meter Emails


We followed the provided content calendar perfectly synced to the season's schedule and worked some magic. Finding multiple unique ways to introduce and hype up a rivalry between two opposing sports teams is challenging, so we turned to the latest Generative AI tools for inspiration. From a gridiron showdown between Minneapolis and Philadelphia to an explosive clash between Tampa and Buffalo, we kept it fresh for each email.


Our well-executed drip email campaign was a complete touchdown that made our client stand out on the field. This successful project also highlights The Studio's knack for delivering innovative and buzzworthy solutions in digital real estate marketing.

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