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June 2, 2022

Meet The Talent Senior Graphic Designer, Victorio Suarez

Rachael Carlson
Written By:
Rachael Carlson

With an eye for the big picture and the tiniest details, Victorio is a branding, web design and logo guru. He started at The Studio in 2019 and has been evolving his talents ever since. His ability to find a brand’s simple truth and turn it into a stunning creative piece is pretty darn amazing. We love big ideas and Tori has an endless supply of them.

I recently sat down with Victorio to learn more about what his day-to-day is like and how he’s evolved his career since landing here three years ago.

How would you describe the work you do at The Studio? 

The majority of the work I do is related to brand, logo and website design. When I first started, my main focus was on designing logos and other brand materials like ads, postcards and business cards for real estate agents. Over the last year, my role has evolved to focus more on website design, including The Studio’s own online presence. I helped redesign our website to better showcase our team, work and capabilities. 

What’s been your favorite project to date? 

It’s definitely been the recent Studio rebrand and website redesign. I really enjoyed collaborating with other members of our extremely talented team. With our client work, we have certain parameters we have to stay inside to make sure things are on brand. But for the Studio, we were given more-or-less free reign in terms of what directions we could explore. With that said, we focused on what sets The Studio apart from our competitors and looked for ways to improve the connection between what we produce and how we present ourselves.

What started with brainstorm sessions, stylescape designs and wireframes, ended with a new logo and a really awesome website. It was such a fun process from beginning to end and I’m so proud of the results our team produced and the effort everyone gave.

How do you stay creative?

Since I spend so much time on my computer, it’s important that I take time away from the screen. I really enjoy cooking, going to concerts and hiking – pretty much anything that gets me outside or into my kitchen where I can continue to be creative. I find a lot of inspiration in trying new things. 

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career? 

That if you put too much pressure on yourself to create something perfect the first time, you might prevent yourself from creating anything at all. The more you try new techniques, experiment and practice, the better your design will be. It’s also important to give yourself the freedom to be creative.   

Favorite thing about working at The Studio?

It’s definitely the people and the friends I’ve made. The mentorship I’ve received has also really helped me grow and become the designer I am today. It’s been an exciting couple of years, and I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.

Advice to someone interested in a career in design

Don’t get too hung up or stuck on one idea. Give yourself permission to create something bad (I took this from Dax Shepard and the Armchair Expert podcast). And don’t wait for the perfect project or assignment to come along – create what you want, even if it’s just for you.

Finally, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love watching baseball and basketball. I’m really into music, so when I’m not attending a concert, I’ll take long drives just so I can listen to entire albums. I also have a passion for cooking, so any chance I get to try a new restaurant or cook up a new recipe, I’m doing it. It’s also important to me that I spend quality time with friends and family.

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